:///UNTITLED is a small organization by a close friend of mine. Frequent events are organized in the Amersfoort region, with ambition to expand to Utrecht and Amsterdam. While I'm usually involved in organizing, I also get to do all of the design work required to promote the events! Here's some of the work I've done for past events.



For the first time there will be a UNTITLED event across the Dutch border. In 2024 I organized the annual ski trip for my study association IAM Core for the 3rd time, now with a awesome event planned in collaboration with UNTITLED.

UNTITLED new years' 22-23

For new years of 2022, UNTITLED brought ravers from all over the city to the dungeons of the St Josef student complex. 


Untitled had it's first collaboration with Kolt, a fellow organization from Amsterdam. 

UNTITLED new years' 23-24

For yet another edition of UNTITLED, the entire traffic garden, an indoor go-karting hall at the industrial area right behind Amersfoort central station, was filled with ravers from all over the Netherlands. With a full-fledged lineup and light show, it was an evening never to be forgotten!

After the woods

Right after Into the woods festival there was an emptyness to fill. UNTITLED organized a unofficial afterparty, After the woods, in this same 'traffic garden'. Roughly 200
festival-goers found themselves at this epic afterparty.

St Joseph festival

Student complex St Josef blew new life into the St Josef Festival back in 2023, closing off with yet another edition of UNTITLED.

Obviously not all work makes the cut, however, I felt like these still have a charm worth sharing.